National Grid
Customer Enrollment Customers may enroll in the program at any time with appropriate notice (see Enrollment Deadlines below).

Enrollment Deadlines
  • For FT-1 Service, a transportation application must be received 30 days in advance of the first of the month - i.e., October 1 deadline for transportation November 1.
  • For FT-2 Service, a transportation application must be received 15 days in advance of the customer's billing cycle - i.e., October 15 for customers who bill on October 31.
Change in Services
  • Change from FT-1 to FT-2 service or vice versa and/or change in marketer requires submittal of a new transportation application and the advance notice described above.
  • $50 administrative charge for switching marketers and/or switching service more than once in 12 months.
Return to Sales Service
  • Change to sales service allowed with appropriate advance notice described above; dependent upon system operating constraints.
  • Customers who are not eligible to return to sales service (with no capacity assignment) must take default service.
Contract Receipt
  • Customers and marketers will receive confirmation that their application has been accepted. This includes a letter to the customer explaining the next steps of the transportation process. An e-mail is also sent to the marketer confirming the start date. FT-1 customers will receive information regarding telemetering requirements.
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