National Grid
Program Services Both Business Choice Services are 365-day firm services; transportation service is provided every day of the year and is not interruptible.

FT-1 Transportation
  • Daily metered and daily balanced service.
  • Requires telemetering equipment, visit F-1 Service: Telemetering Requirements.
  • Marketer (supplier) uses daily read information to schedule natural gas delivery for the customer.
FT-2 Transportation
  • No daily balancing requirement.
  • No telemetering equipment required.
  • We generate natural gas delivery information via forecast (FDU - Forecasted Daily Usage).
Customer Billing Customers will receive two separate bills, one from us for distribution services and one from the marketer for natural gas and related services

FT-1 Service
  • Customers will be billed on a calendar month basis
  • A final sales service bill will be issued on the last day of the month
  • Transportation service will commence on the first day of the month
  • Customers will be billed for telemetry as soon as the device is installed
FT-2 Service
  • A final sales service bill will be issued on the next billing cycle
  • Transportation service will commence effective with the end read date on the final sales service bill
  • Transportation bills will be sent on the normal cycle bill date