National Grid
How to Choose Just as you can shop and compare before you buy clothes, appliances or telephone services, you can now shop and compare energy suppliers. Follow the steps below for a quick way to find an energy supplier that is right for you.

To switch to an energy supplier, contact your chosen energy supplier and let them know you would like to begin buying your energy from them. They will most likely provide you with some type of contract or agreement. Your chosen energy supplier will then provide us with your enrollment information to switch your energy supply provider.

Even if you switch to another supplier, we will continue to:
  • deliver your energy
  • respond to service and emergency needs
  • provide storm restoration services
We encourage you to consider all available energy supply options and determine which one will best meet your needs.

How to Shop

Step One: Know Your Current Supply Costs Before obtaining prices from Energy Suppliers:
  • Know the price you are currently paying for the Supply Charges found on your bill.
  • You may also view our past and current costs for Supply Charges by visiting our rates section.
Step Two: Supplier Prices Obtain prices from Energy Suppliers. Contact information for participating Energy Suppliers can be found on our Energy Supplier List. When contacting an Energy Supplier, be sure to understand the following:
  • What is the term of the contract?
  • Are there minimum bill amounts?
  • Are the energy prices fixed, or will they change from month to month?
  • Does the supplier have a customer service center or website?
  • Will the supplier bill you directly, or will charges be included in your current bill?
  • Are there any early termination fees associated with the contract?
  • Does the supplier offer other useful products and/or services in conjunction with energy supply?
Step Three: Savings or Additional Cost Compare the prices by subtracting our Supply Costs (Step One) from the Energy Supplier prices (Step Two).

Step Four: Estimate Savings or Additional Cost To estimate your monthly savings or additional costs, multiply your monthly kWh/therms (from a recent bill) by the savings or additional cost from Step 3. Energy usage can vary significantly from month to month, so this estimate will apply only to that month you have chosen for your example.

Example of This Process:


  8.200¢/kWh   Step 1: Supply Costs (for example only)
8.000¢/kWh   Step 2: Supplier Prices (for example only)
  0.200¢/kWh   Step 3: Your Savings
  0.200¢/kWh   Step 3: Your Savings
X 1225 kWh/month   Step 4: (Step 3 X Monthly kWh)
  $2.45/month savings


  4.000¢/therm   Step 1: Supply Costs (for example only)
3.800¢/therm   Step 2: Supplier Prices (for example only)
  0.200¢/therm   Step 3: Your Savings
  0.200¢/therm   Step 3: Your Savings
X 800 therms/month   Step 4: (Step 3 X Monthly therm)
  $1.60/month savings

For more details, review Frequently Asked Questions.