We offer open and non-discriminatory access to our poles, conduit, trench and rights-of-way. Contractual terms and policies have been developed to provide consistent and timely processing of telecommunication requests. Our Telecommunication Attachment Group has been established to assist telecommunication service providers in realizing pole attachment or conduit occupancy needs. NOTE: This website pertains solely to telecommunication attachment access to National Grid facilities within Upstate New York State Only.

For New Customers not currently signatory to an agreement, select your business (below), then select the asset to be used (i.e. Distribution pole) to obtain a copy of the applicable agreement and follow the instructions for submittal.

Wireline - Electric distribution and transmission poles provide support structures for attachment of aerial coax or fiber optic cables. In addition, our underground electrical network located in Albany, Syracuse and Buffalo (and a few smaller municipalities) may provide a pathway to reach urban customers.

Wireless – local approval and community acceptance is greatly enhanced whenever existing towers and poles are used to meet the rapid growth in wireless communications. Our electric transmission towers and poles often provide a viable and cost effective alternative to new stand-alone communication towers.

Aside from our extensive pole plant and underground networks, our knowledge of electrical and outside plant construction can help ensure safe, economical and reliable pole attachments and conduit occupancy. This website provides extensive information on our policies and procedures in servicing the telecommunication industry. Should you fail to find your required information, please contact the Telecommunication Attachment Group.

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(Cable Television System Operator) – An entity, certified by New York State, whose service is limited solely to providing cable television service.
CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) – A New York State certified provider of telecommunications services offering competitive local exchange service.
Private (Private Individual) – An individual , entrepreneur, partnership, corporation, educational organization, military organization or government agency.
Wireless Any antenna, hardware, equipment, apparatus, device and cables or wires connecting such hardware, equipment, apparatus and device placed on a structure, equipment cabinet shelter or cabinet for the purpose of wireless communications.

REMINDER NOTICE REGARDING NATIONAL GRID ACCEPTANCE OF OVERHEAD LINE CONTRACTORS (<69Kv): Effective September 30, 2010, all Overhead Line Contractors performing high risk work on National Grid facilities shall be registered within ISNetworld and have an acceptable ranking. See Section 7.D of the requirements for Distribution Pole Aerial Attachments document.

Effective October 29, 2010, Overhead Line, Underground, and Forestry Contractors must have an ISNetWorld Dashboard Rating of "A", "B", or "C" to be on the National Grid Contractor List.