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Authorization to Interconnect The information on this page only applies to distributed generation (DG) Interconnection Applications (IA) that have already completed all of the applicable, preceding steps in the interconnection process. If you are looking for information about preparing a new application, please refer to the Pre-Application Process page. The information contained or referred to herein is for reference purposes only, and shall not be relied upon for any purposes. The user of this webpage should independently verify all information before proceeding forward with any project.

If you have not already visited it, please refer to the Project Completion Process page before proceeding.
  1. Once the Interconnecting Customer has completed all of the relevant process steps and fulfilled all of the requirements specific to its Interconnection Application, National Grid will issue an Authorization to Interconnect. Interconnecting Customers are NOT permitted to operate any generation capacity prior to receiving an official Authorization to Interconnect and will be held liable for any damages that may occur as a result of unauthorized operation.
  2. Upon receiving the Authorization to Interconnect the Interconnecting Customer may energize its DG system (subject to the terms and conditions of the Interconnection Tariff and any agreements between National Grid and the Interconnecting Customer).

    Note about net metering credits: The net metering credits may not be applied to the host account (where the net meter is located) until the following billing cycle. If your system is transferring net metering credits to other accounts, the non-host account(s) may need to wait for an additional billing cycle (beyond the delay for the host account) before the net metering credits are applied to the non-host account(s).
  3. It is required that the Interconnecting Customer safely operates and maintains its DG system in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations governing distributed generation. In particular, the Interconnecting Customer should schedule regular maintenance and must maintain any permanent plaques and other signage related to its DG system.
  4. Additionally, the Interconnecting Customer is required to notify National Grid of any changes (or proposed changes) related to: the configuration or operation of its generating equipment, the ownership of the DG system, or the host retail electric billing account. (Visit the Interconnection Process page to view post-interconnection information.)
  5. In general, after the Interconnecting Customer receives the Authorization to Interconnect, customers should review this website periodically for changes and updates. Also, any questions that may arise should be directed to National Grid's customer service representatives via phone at (800) 322-3223.

    Note: In the event of an emergency, contact the local emergency services (dial 911).
Please refer to the Interconnection Documents webpage for a list of all relevant interconnection process documents.

Please refer to the Interconnection Process webpage for a high-level overview of the distributed generation (DG) interconnection process.

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