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Golden Rock Substation & Transmission Line Project
National Grid is committed to providing safe and reliable energy to our customers. In line with this commitment, we are undertaking the Golden Rock Substation and Transmission Line Project.

A strong electric transmission and distribution system is vital to our region's safety, security, and economic prosperity. National Grid and Liberty Utilities are proposing equipment upgrades to the Golden Rock Substation and regional transmission and distribution lines to meet increasing electric demand, improve overall system reliability and support economic development in the Salem area.

What: Proposed equipment upgrades include a second 115/13 kV transformer and four 13 kV distribution feeders, at National Grid's Golden Rock Substation in Salem, NH. National Grid will also be rebuilding the transmission line that serves the Golden Rock Substation to add a second 115 kV circuit that supports the new substation equipment.

Who: Liberty Utilities is the electric service provider for the Salem, New Hampshire area. As one of the region's electricity providers, National Grid provides transmission service to Liberty Utilities.

Where: The substation work will occur at National Grid's existing substation located at 16 Hampshire Road, Salem, New Hampshire. The transmission line work will take place along a roughly one-mile existing transmission line right-of-way (ROW) paralleling the Spicket River in Methuen, Massachusetts. The locations of the substation and ROW are shown on the aerial photograph on the back of this sheet.

Community Collaboration: National Grid and Liberty Utilities are committed to keeping residents, businesses, local officials and community groups informed about and engaged in the project. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the contacts listed below - we are here for you!

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To view our Application to the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, please visit the DPU's file room at search for docket 19-16

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