Tax Exempt Forms

Exemption Certificate Table for NYS, MASS, RI

Directions for the Exemption Certificate Web Page

Below are samples of commonly used certificates that we are making available as a convenience to our customers. Note that the forms are arranged by customer type (residential, commercial, etc.) and state. These forms are identical to the forms located on the website for the individual state tax departments (NY, Mass, & RI). Select the form that applies to your individual situation, complete the form, affix your signature to the document, and submit the completed form to us as follows:

Customer Type





TP-385 - Residential Use

DTF-801 - Indian Reservation

•IDA Contractor for Government entity

  •expires when contracting is completed

  •must be on contractor letterhead




•ST-120 - Sale for Resale

•ST 120.1- Contractor Exemption

  •expires when contracting is completed

•ST-121 - Manufacturing

•ST 123/AU 297- Direct Pay

•ST 122/DTF 122- Agent of NYS Govt/Agency Appointment by NYS Govt

  •Must be provided together

•ST-125 - Farming or Horse Boarding

•ST-4 - Sale for Resale

•ST-12 - Manufacturing or Residential Use


Manufacturer's Exemption

Contractor's Exemption

R & D Exemption

Resale Certificate

Not For Profit

•ST-119.1 - Charitable/ Non-Profit Organization

•ST-2&ST-5 - Charitable/Non-Profit Organization

  •Must be provided together

  •Expire every 10 years



  •must be on government letter head

  •Must be on government letterhead or submit ST 2


Account number(s) must be clearly written or typed on the top of each page.
Submit your completed form to us as follows:

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Fax: (206) 267-1714


Self-Service Web Portal:

NOTE: Avalara CertCapture no longer stores or validates MA Small Business (SBE) exemption forms. To submit your exemption request, please call National Grid's Customer Service, 1-800-322-3223 (Electric) or 1-800-233-5325 (Gas), with account number(s) and the certificate I.D. provided by the MA DOR (EE #).