National Grid
Natural Gas Pricing (SC-1) All prices shown exclude required taxes and other approved adjustments. Prices effective May 20, 2010. Rates Components for SC-1
  SC-1 Delivery Service Pricing
Gas Delivery Charges
Basic Service Charge & first three therms or less* $20.35
Next 47 therms $0.38520
Over 50 therms $0.06385
Gas Supply Charges
Gas Supply Charge varies by month and service class. For more detailed information, review Gas Supply.
Merchant Function Charge Charge varies by month and service class.

Definitions of charges are detailed in Glossary of terms on your bill.

*Customers who have been approved for a federal Home Energy Assistance Grant may be eligible for an Income Eligible Basic Service Credit of $7.50.

Basic Service Charge

A charge to cover costs for meter reading, billing, equipment and maintenance. This charge is the same regardless of how much energy is used during the billing period.
Gas Supply

Our charges for gas supply are based upon market conditions during the billing period and will vary depending on where you live or do business.

If you choose an alternate supplier, the price will be what you agreed upon with that supplier.  If you have an alternate supplier and have concerns related to the Gas Supply charge portion of your bill, please contact your supplier. If you do not choose an energy supplier, we will supply your energy.
Merchant Function Charge

A charge to reflect the costs we incur associated with the procurement of gas supplies. This charge will not be billed to you if you choose an alternate supplier.