National Grid
Energy Supplier News Market Match Program
This program is designed to create opportunities for ESCos and our largest business customers to exchange electricity use data.

Customer Eligibility Requirements:
  • Eligible customers must be served under Service Classification SC-3 and/or SC-3A.
  • All load provided under NYPA contracts are excluded.
Program Details:
  • To participate, please sign the following confidentiality agreement committing to use customer information only for this program. Participation and Non-Disclosure Agreement (pdf).

    Send the completed form to:
    National Grid
    300 Erie Boulevard West
    Syracuse, NY 13202.
    Attention: Michelle Baker, Supplier Services

  • Eligible ESCos will have access to enrolled customers' electricity usage information via the Energy Supplier Menu (you must log in to access this information). Customer account data will be accessible only by an encrypted code.
  • ESCos may then offer customers a proposal for electricity supply by direct contact with the customers’ designated representative.
Market Rate Service
Market Rate Service (formerly known as the Market Rate Option) is open to new subscribers and will remain open until subscription limits are reached. A customer who subscribes to Market Rate Service will not have a Delivery Charge Adjustment applied to their bills.

Program features:

  • Customers can enroll at any time, as long as we receive the signed Market Rate Service Enrollment Application Form (pdf) 10 days prior to their next regularly scheduled meter read date
  • Once enrolled, customer must stay on the program for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. Once the twelve-month requirement has been satisfied, a customer may return to Standard Rate Service by providing 30 days notice to National Grid.
  • Customers will be allowed to enroll in the program on a first-come, first-served basis until 2150 GWh have been subscribed to the program.
  • Customers served under EDZR, or customers with EDP or PFJ allocations are only eligible for the Market Rate service for the portion of their load they purchase at our standard tariff rates.