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Electric Specifications These specifications and supplements are a guide for the design and construction of electrical installations.

Please note that effective April 27th, 2009 all references to P.S.C. No. 207 in any of the Company’s ESB 750 series bulletins shall be construed as references to P.S.C. No. 220(pdf).

Specifications for Electrical Installations
Electric System Bulletin No. 750-2010
(pdf, 7.5 mb)
Errata and Revisions January 2015
Changes or corrections to the "ESB 750-2010 Book, ver. 1.0" and all supplements.
(pdf, 623 kb)
ESB 750 series Proposal Request
For proposals or suggested changes to our Specifications for Electrical Installations and its Supplements, please complete this form: Change Proposal For Specifications For Electrical Installations (pdf)

Supplements to the Specification for Electrical Installations
    Service Above 600 Volts
    General Requirements
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 751, June, 2014)
(pdf, 192kb)
    Service Above 15,000 Volts
    Large Commercial & Industrial
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 752-1994, 2nd Printing April 2002)
(pdf, 1 mb)
    Primary Meter Pole (Commercial & Industrial)
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 753-1993, 2nd Printing April 2002)
(pdf, 566 kb)
    Outdoor Pad Mounted or Vault Enclosed Three
    Phase Transformer (Commercial)
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 754/759-2007)
(pdf, 1 mb)
    Operation and Maintenance Requirements for
    Services Above 600 Volts
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 755, June 2003)
(pdf, 166 kb)
    Requirements for Parallel Generation Connected to a National Grid Owned EPS
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 756, June 2017)
    Network Services
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 757, September 2016)
(pdf, 3.5 mb)
    Primary Service to Metal Enclosed Gear
    (Commercial & Industrial)
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 758)
(pdf, 402 kb)
Underground Distributed Services:
    URD Installation & Responsibility Guide
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 759A, July 2010)
(pdf, 12 mb)
    UCD Installation & Responsibility Guide
    (Electric System Bulletin No. 759B, July 2010)
(pdf, 8 mb)
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