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SC-4—Untransformed Service to Customers Taking Power from Projects of the New York Power Authority This is for customers who are taking from a NYPA (New York Power Authority) project where the combined service is delivered at one point and singly metered with respect to the delivery voltage. For more information, view our filed Rate Tariff (pdf).

SC-6—Purchase of Electric Energy and Capacity from Customers with Qualifying On-Site Generation Facilities This service is for customers with a qualifying generation facility that sells energy and capacity in excess of 100kW to National Grid. For more information, view our filed Rate Tariff (pdf).

SC-7-Sale of Standby Service to Customers with On-Site Generation Facilities Commercial and industrial customers with on-site generation are subject to the provisions of Service Classification No. 7, National Grid’s Sale of Standby Service to Customers with On-Site Generation Facilities, Rate Tariff (pdf). SC-7 which went into effect on July 1, 2002. Applicable to:

  • Customers who have on-site generation installed at their site, whether the generation equipment is owned by the customer or a third party
  • Customers who are directly interconnected with a Wholesale Generator, as defined in Rule 1.76
  • Wholesale Generators who require service from the Company when their own generating equipment is not sufficient to meet their own load.

The customer must apply for service by providing the Company with an executed Form G, Application for Electric Standby Service and interconnection agreement, both of which are available from Company representatives. Customers operating an on-site generator unit less than 2 MW may use the Company’s Form K, Standardized Contract for Interconnection of New Distributed Generation Units. Customers in excess of 300.0 kVA must execute an interconnection agreement. Please refer to Rule 53 of PSC 207 for more on standard interconnection requirements.

For details on the new rules for commercial and industrial on-site generators, see some additional information (pdf).

Please mail the applicable form(s) to:

National Grid
Manager, Electricity Pricing, A-4
300 Erie Boulevard West
Syracuse, NY 13202

SC-12—Special Contract Rates This specialize rate is available for customers involved in competitive situations, including business attraction, business expansion and customer retention. For more information, view our filed Rate Tariff (pdf).

Empire Zone Rider

This is a discounted rate for customers who meet local & state certification for Empire Zones incentives. All discounts are applicable only to incremental, permanent electric and gas usage. New customers are eligible for discounts on their entire usage. Existing customers must increase their usage in order to receive discounts, as follows:

  • Electric demand metered customers must increase their demand (kW) by the lesser of 100 kW or 25 percent of existing demand.
  • Electric non-demand metered customers must increase their usage (kWh) by at least 25 percent.
  • Existing natural gas customers must also exceed historical usage in order to qualify; small general service gas customers must exceed 280 therms per month

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