National Grid
Transportation We also offer special services for our long-term, large-volume customers.

Please refer to our filed Rate Tariff (pdf) for specific details on these rate classifications. Summary information can be found on the PSC 219 Rates Chart (pdf).

  • Firm SC-5—Capable of consuming 250,000 Therms up to 1,000,000 Therms annually.
  • Interruptible SC-6—Capable of consuming 2,500,000 Therms annually.
  • Small Volume SC-7—50,000 Therms transported per year.
  • Large Volume SC-8—Capable of consuming 1,000,000 Therms annually.
  • Standby Sales SC-8—Capable of consuming 1,000,000 Therms annually.
  • Contract SC-9—A negotiated transportation service for long term, large volume consumption.

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