National Grid
Emergency Demand This program is used when the NYISO declares a system emergency. Companies enrolled in this program will receive a financial incentive if they can curtail at least 100 kW of electricity one hour after notification. Incentive payments will only be made to program participants if power use is actually curtailed.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Interval metering on net load is required
  • Must be able to curtail at least 100 kW
  • Rate classes SC 2D, SC-3, SC-3A, SC-4, SC-11, SC-12

    Also, eligibility requirements include those for On-Site Generation

  • Generator must provide a minimum of 100 kW through self-generation inclusive of losses.
  • Generators must supply energy only to the load they are being operated to serve and do not supply energy to our distribution system.
  • Interval Metering on net load is a requirement.

Enrollment Forms: Please print and complete the applicable form(s) and mail two signed copies to:

    National Grid
    Director of Program & Policy Administration
    300 Erie Boulevard West
    Syracuse, NY 13202

Incentive Payments The NYISO will pay National Grid the greater of $500 MWH or the real time Location Based Marginal Price (LBMP). We will pay 90 percent of the NYISO payment for your company's actual kWh reduction.

Dynamic Load Control Programs
National Grid's demand response programs pay you to reduce electric usage when our system needs help. Demand response programs can help keep electric rates down by lowering utility costs and by helping keep the lights on by improving reliability. All you need to do is temporarily reduce your electrical usage when National Grid requests relief.

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