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Economic Development Whether your business is powered by people, technology, resources, and market access you will find that Upstate New York can deliver. Upstate New York has a vibrant and diverse economy with everything a company needs to succeed. With major urban centers like Buffalo, Syracuse, Utica/Rome, and Albany, hundreds of charming villages and towns, and beautiful tracts of farmland and forest - Upstate New York is worth digging in to.

Let the National Grid Economic Development Team provide you with the assistance and resources from our Public Service Commission* approved Economic Development Plan.

The 2009 plan maintains a strong focus on site development, urban revitalization, strategic marketing, and facilitating customer growth through infrastructure assistance, energy efficiency and productivity improvement. The 2009 Plan also reflects an increasing emphasis on sustainable development, the efficient use (and re-use) of existing energy infrastructure, and the strategic deployment of renewable generation technologies.

Focusing Your Efforts
Strategic Economic Development Outreach
Prospect Research/Mailing Lists
Building Ready Upstate Program
Manufacturing Productivity Program

Courting Your Prospects
Site Inspections and Area Tours
Supplier & Distributor Networks
Market Research

Marketing Your Community
Strategic Economic Development Outreach
Cooperative Business Recruitment
Network Opportunities

Developing Your Sites
Industrial Building Redevelopment
Shovelready Infrastructure
Brownfield Redevelopment
Main Street/Commercial District Revitalization
Urban Corridor Revitalization

Energy Infrastructure Programs
Capital Investment Incentive
Industrial Building Redevelopment
Brownfield Redevelopment
Three Phase Power Incentive
Power Quality Enhancements

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency in Empire Zones
Small Business Growth Demand Charge Reduction
Agri Business Productivity

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