bullet  Dispute Resolution
Disputes should be resolved among the local project representatives. In the event a dispute cannot be resolved locally or is not of a nature to be resolved locally, the Licensee is to submit the dispute in writing, setting forth the Licensee’s position, actions taken to resolve, submittal of supporting documentation, and a proposed resolution. Licensee shall submit its dispute to:

National Grid
300 Erie Boulevard West
Syracuse, NY 13202
Attn.: Mr. Joseph Snyder
Telecommunications Attachments Dept, C-1

The dispute shall be discussed at the intermediate level within National Grid and the Licensee’s organizations for ten (10) days. In the event no resolution is reached, the dispute shall be referred to each parties respective Ombudsman.

National Grid Ombudsman:
Scott Leuthauser
V.P. Distribution Planning and Engineering

The dispute shall be discussed between the Ombudsmen for twelve (12) days. In the event no resolution is reached, either party may proceed to submit the dispute to the Commission for alternative dispute resolution.