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Frequently Asked Questions: Renewable Energy
GreenUp Why are you offering this GreenUp renewable energy option? We are very committed to seeing the energy supply market develop so that our customers can shop for their electric power supply. Since the changes made to our electric industry in 1998, we deliver the power to your doorstep over our lines, but we no longer own power generation facilities.

As a Basic Service customer, we secure your power supply from independent power suppliers until you chose a competitive power supplier.

We want the competitive energy supply market to develop, and we want you to shop for power supply opportunities. We see GreenUp's options as another opportunity to encourage the further development of the power supply market and, in this case, renewable energy sources.

All of the GreenUp renewable energy companies are independent of us—none are affiliates of ours. We make no profit from supporting this program or the development of these renewable energy sources.

The GreenUp renewable energy effort continues our commitment to our customers and the New England environment. We have national award-winning programs that help customers reduce their energy usage, lower their home and business energy costs, and contribute to helping our environment. We are also the only electricity company in the country to receive the U.S. President's Conservation Award!

Can I participate in GreenUp? If you are a residential or small business customer (G1 rate) and you are currently receiving your power supply from us as a Basic Service customer, you can participate.

If you are not certain whether you are a Basic Service customer, look at your monthly electric bill's Supplier Services section. Log into your account or check the Supplier Services section of your bill to tell if you are a Basic Service customer.

Can a Customer Service Representative help me decide who to select? Our Customer Service Representatives cannot advise you as to whom you should consider or select. We remain neutral on the participating GreenUp renewable energy companies and the products that they are offering.

For information on GreenUp companies and their contact information view Greenup Energy Providers.

Electricity delivery information is confusing. What happens to my electricity if I enroll in GreenUp? As a GreenUp customer, you are helping to increase the development of renewable energy sources and their contribution to the growth of the region's power supply.

Your electricity will continue to be provided to you as our Basic Service customer. We will continue to deliver safe and reliable electricity to your doorstep, send your monthly electric bill, and restore your electricity during a power outage.

How can I enroll? It is easy to enroll! Choose the GreenUp renewable energy company and the product option that you want. Contact that company by linking directly to their website or call them directly.

For information on GreenUp companies and their contact information view Greenup Energy Providers.

Are there any differences between choosing a GreenUp renewable energy supplier and a competitive power supplier? If you select a GreenUp company, you remain a Basic Service customer. Our relationship with you stays the same; we still secure your electric power supply for you until you select a competitive power supplier.

In choosing a competitive power supplier, we no longer provide your electric supply to you—your new competitive power supplier does. If you select a competitive power supplier and then for some reason you return to as us to provide your power supply to you, you return as a Basic Service customer until you choose a new competitive power supplier.

If I select a GreenUp product, how will this impact my monthly electric bill? Your GreenUp product's cost is in addition to your Basic Service cost and your other normal monthly charges.

Your cost is determined by that GreenUp product price based upon all the electricity that you use for that month.

How will I be billed if I select a GreenUp renewable energy company? You will continue to receive one monthly bill from us. The GreenUp option that you selected will appear on your monthly bill as a separate line item.

The GreenUp company's price will be based upon the price that they provided to you.

Who are the GreenUp renewable energy companies currently participating? For information on GreenUp companies and their contact information view Greenup Energy Providers.

What is the product mix in my current electricity supply that is from independent power suppliers? This information is available in the fuel source disclosure labels found on our Greenup Providers webpage.

These enable customers to look at the energy sources, air emissions, and information about the supplier's company in order to make a more informed choice of a power supplier.

What energy efficiency and conservation programs are available for my home or small business? For your home: Energy Efficiency
For small business: Energy Efficiency

Are there payment options available for paying my monthly electric bill? For your home: Payment Options

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