National Grid
Work Request Form Use this form to request a new or temporary service, or to change an existing service. All service work must comply with the Electric Service Information and Requirements (The "Green Book") (pdf). A Work Request Number will be emailed within two business days.

  (Required Information = required information)
General Information
Order Type:
Is this for residential or commercial service?
Customer Information
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Email Address:
Note: Contractors do not need to fill in the customer email address.
Customer/Business Name (for billing):
Does this customer (or business) currently or previously have service with us?
*If Yes, please provide the account number, and continue at the Contractor Information section below.
       Account Number:
**If No, please complete the rest of this section.
Customer/Business Mailing Address:
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Contractor Information
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Contact Name:
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Building/Structure Information
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(8 weeks lead time required.)
Service Address:
Lot Number (if applicable)
Address 2:
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Service Phone: ()-
Lot/Loc Staked?
Date Foundation Completed: / /
Is the structure framed or completed?
*If no, date when to be framed or delivered.
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Building type:
Point of attachment:
Electric Service Information
Number of Electric Meters:
* If more than one meter, indicate the instructions for designating the meters (i.e., 1 house meter and 6 apartment meters labeled Apt 1 - Apt 6)
Service Type:
No. of Wires:
Load kWh:
Life Sustaining Equipment
Will there be any of the following electrically-operated life-sustaining medical devices in use at this address?
Apnea Monitor:
Home Kidney Dialysis Machine:
Continuous Ventilation Device:
Suction (Aspiration) Machine:
Directions to Property
Closest Intersection:
Development Name:
Additional Comments