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In Massachusetts, Pre-Application Reports are mandatory for Distributed Generation (DG) systems >=500kW in aggregate AC generation capacity. This step is optional for DG systems <500kW in aggregate AC generation capacity.

To request a Pre-Application Report, please complete the following steps:

Prepare a Pre-Application Report Form (Exhibit B) email the form (and any attachments) to in order to request a Pre-Application Report for the proposed location of the distributed generation system.
  • Attach a map or overhead picture from an online mapping website (e.g. Google Maps, Bing Maps) with the proposed location clearly marked, North indicated (if not at the top), and at least one cross street visible (if possible).
  • A separate email request should be sent for each location that is being inquired about (One Exhibit B per email).
In response to your request, National Grid will provide a Pre-Application Report that describes the electrical service characteristics of the local Electric Power System (EPS) based on the information provided in the request form (Exhibit B).

Please refer to the Interconnection Documents webpage for a high level overview of the DG Interconnection Process and all relevant Interconnection Process documents.

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