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Interconnection Process
All Interconnection Service Applications Must Be Submitted Through Our Customer Application Portal.

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Effective June 1, 2018

All inverter-based solar PV projects 100 kw or less with applications submitted on or after June 1, 2018 are subject to ISO-NE Ride through Requirements. Changes will be required to your submitted documents.
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To interconnect a distributed generation (DG) system, please visit the following pages in order:
  1. Pre-Application Report Request
  2. Application Process (choose one of the pages below)
    1. Simplified Application
    2. Expedited Application
    3. Standard Application
    4. Simplified Network Application – link pending
  3. Screening Process (for Expedited Process only)
  4. Study Process (for Standard Process only) – link pending
  5. Conditional Approval
  6. Construction Process – link pending
    1. Customer Construction – link pending
    2. Witness Test Process (if applicable) – link pending
    3. National Grid Construction (if applicable) – link pending
  7. Project Completion Process
    1. Completion Documentation
    2. Net Meter Installation Process (if applicable)
  8. Authorization to Interconnect
  9. Post-Interconnection Information
    1. First Bill Walk Through
    2. Changes to System Ownership – link pending
    3. Updating Billing Account Information – link pending
    4. Customer Generator Modifications – link pending
Note about Time Frames: As per the Standards for Interconnecting Distributed Generation (M.D.P.U. 1320), Interconnecting Customers are required to respond promptly to any requests for signatures, information, documentation, and/or payments in compliance with the Time Frames described in the Interconnection Tariff. Failure to comply with these Time Frames during any stage of the interconnection process may result in an Interconnection Application being cancelled without compensation being provided to the Interconnecting Customer.

Note about Payments: In order to avoid issues while attempting to submit any payments (other than the initial application fee), Interconnecting Customers are advised not to submit any payments prior to receiving a corresponding invoice. Interconnecting Customers should follow the instructions provided on the invoice and any invoiced fees should only be submitted to the PO Box indicated on the invoice.

Please refer to the Interconnection Documents webpage for a list of all relevant interconnection process documents.

Please refer to the Net Metering webpage for more information about billing options related to DG interconnections. For a Qualifying Facility, please refer to the P-Rate Tariff.

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