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The information contained or referred to herein is for reference purposes only, and shall not be relied upon for any purposes. The user of this webpage should independently verify all information before proceeding forward with any project.

The information on this page only applies to distributed generation (DG) Interconnection Applications (IA) that have already received a counter-signed IA form under the Simplified Process or that have already received a Conditional Approval (and returned a signed Interconnection Service Agreement) under the Expedited or Standard Processes.

If you have not already visited it, please refer to the Construction Process before proceeding. (In particular, Standard Process applicants should refer specifically to the Witness Test Process page before proceeding.)
  1. Every Interconnecting Customer will be required to submit a Certificate of Completion, which should be filled out during the municipal electric inspection:
    1. Exhibit A2 – Certificate of Completion (Simplified only)
    2. Exhibit C2 – Certificate of Completion (non-Simplified)
  2. In addition to the Certificate of Completion, Interconnecting Customers shall generally be required to submit the completion documentation (as described in the checklists provided below) after constructing and installing a DG system (but prior to receiving an Authorization to Interconnect from National Grid).
    1. Simplified Process Checklist
    2. Expedited Process Checklist
    3. Standard Process Checklist
  3. Note 1: The checklists provided above are only general checklists. Additional pieces of documentation may be required depending on the specific circumstances related to an Interconnecting Customer’s IA. Any specific requirements for completion documentation will be identified or referenced in the Interconnection Service Agreement and/or the Conditional Approval email.

  4. Once all of the required completion documentation has been submitted, reviewed, and approved by National Grid, a representative of the Distributed Generation Services (DGS) group will notify the Interconnecting Customer. (Visit the Project Completion Process page to view information about the remainder of the interconnection process.)
Please refer to the Interconnection Documents webpage for a list of all relevant interconnection process documents.

Please refer to the Interconnection Process webpage for a high-level overview of the distributed generation (DG) interconnection process.

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