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National Grid Encourages Customers to be Educated Consumers

As winter approaches, customers may be approached by alternate power suppliers

October 29, 2015

WALTHAM, MA. – As the beginning of the winter approaches, National Grid customers may be contacted with offers to buy electricity from another supplier.

New electricity supply prices, reflected in the Supply Services section of the monthly electricity bill, will take effect Nov. 1. Because of this, customers may receive solicitations from alternate energy suppliers with offers to purchase electricity on their behalf at a lower price. National Grid encourages customers to be wise consumers and consider all available energy supply options at

“An alternate electricity supplier is an option for our customers to consider,” said Marcy Reed, president, National Grid, Massachusetts. “I encourage anyone considering this to simply read the fine print. And know that whether you choose an alternate supplier or not, National Grid will deliver your electricity safely and reliably, respond to service and emergency needs, and restore power during storms.”

National Grid has received isolated reports that some energy salespeople have been presenting themselves as National Grid employees. These representatives are not from National Grid. The company does not conduct sales door-to-door or over the phone, nor does it offer residential equipment inspection and maintenance service.

National Grid employees and contractors have visible photo identification badges with the company logo and wear uniforms with the company name and logo when conducting routine or emergency services for residences and businesses. Most, but not all, National Grid employees also travel in clearly marked National Grid vehicles.

Customers should always ask to see the identification of anyone attempting to gain entrance to their home -- especially if the customer did not initiate a service call. If someone requesting entry into your home or place of business does not show an ID card, do not let them in.

Please also note that National Grid does contact customers with past due balances by phone to offer payment options, but never demands direct payment over the telephone. If customers wish, they can arrange for a payment by check, credit card or debit card if they speak directly to a customer service representative. Payment can also be made by credit card or debit card without a representative’s assistance. Customers who have received calls demanding immediate payment and are asked for bank account information should contact National Grid immediately. To verify information and for any billing-related questions in New England, customers should call National Grid’s Customer Contact Center at 1-800-322-3223.

Customers looking for help with their energy bills may explore billing options and energy efficiency opportunities at

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