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Natural Gas Prices Could Drop for National Grid's Massachusetts Customers

Lower gas costs paying off for natural gas users

September 21, 2015

WALTHAM, Mass. – National Grid recently submitted its proposed Massachusetts natural gas prices to the Department of Public Utilities. If approved, customers will see lower natural gas heating and cooking bills this winter.

Starting in November, a typical residential natural gas customer could see a decrease in monthly bills of between $5 and $7.

Two factors are contributing to the lower prices. The first is an anticipated drop in the cost of natural gas. The second is a credit that reconciles the cost difference between gas purchased last year and what customers were billed.

Offsetting some of the reduction in the cost of gas is an increase in the cost of some of the services provided by National Grid, such as energy efficiency programs and gas system enhancements.

“We are pleased that our customers will see a decrease in the cost of gas this winter,” said Marcy Reed, president of National Grid in Massachusetts. “This is important relief during the heating season.”

Pipeline Capacity Constraints

While less expensive natural gas is helping to bring down costs for residential and commercial gas customers, New England needs additional gas pipeline capacity so that gas can continue to be delivered safely and reliably, especially as customer demand increases.

In addition, capacity constraints are causing electricity supply prices to rise as the region increasing relies on natural gas for electricity generation. Customers who use gas to heat their homes and businesses are guaranteed use of existing pipeline capacity. Electric generators, however, pay market price for that pipeline capacity and in recent years have seen the market price rise and become volatile due to supply and demand.

National Grid continues to advocate for a balanced portfolio of energy resources, including large-scale affordable renewables, increased natural gas pipeline capacity and enhanced energy efficiency programs, as the key to securing New England’s long-term energy future and providing our residential and business customers with the stability they need.

How Can You Lower Your Bills?

National Grid has a three-decade history of helping New England customers realize energy savings through energy efficiency. Maintaining an efficient heating system is an important step to conserving energy. Have your heating system serviced once every two years by a licensed, qualified professional.

In addition to energy efficiency tips and opportunities, billing options and discounts also are available to help eligible customers who may have difficulty paying their monthly gas or electric bill.

National Grid offers billing programs to help customers spread payments out more evenly across the year, which is particularly helpful to those on fixed incomes. Discounts are based on certain eligibility requirements. For more information about energy efficiency or the availability of these discounts, customers should visit here, contact National Grid at 800-322-3223 or contact their local energy assistance agency, Community Action Agency or state department of social services.

About National Grid

National Grid (LSE: NG; NYSE: NGG) is an electricity and natural gas delivery company that connects nearly 7 million customers to vital energy sources through its networks in New York, Massachusetts and Rhode Island. It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the Northeast. National Grid also operates the systems that deliver gas and electricity across Great Britain.

Through its U.S. Connect21 strategy, National Grid is transforming its electricity and natural gas networks to support the 21st century digital economy with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions. Connect21 is vital to our communities' long-term economic and environmental health and aligns with regulatory initiatives in New York (REV: Reforming the Energy Vision) and Massachusetts (Grid Modernization).

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