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National Grid First On East Coast To Launch New Home Energy Report Program
National Grid First On East Coast To Launch New Home Energy Report Program

Innovative Energy-Efficiency Tool Helps Customers Track Energy Use, Save Money, Protect the Environment

50,000 Massachusetts Customers First to See and Use Report Under Pilot

Waltham, M.A. – Approximately 50,000 National Grid customers soon will be the first to see and use a new, innovative energy-efficiency tool – the Home Energy Report – that provides gas and electricity customers essential information about their energy usage, ultimately helping to save energy, money and protect the environment. National Grid is first on the East Coast to offer the unique, comparative Home Energy Report that will be mailed to randomly-selected Massachusetts customers this month.

The Home Energy Report is a tailored, in-home energy usage evaluation and comparison that also offers personalized energy-saving tips to maximize energy savings. The Report anonymously compares customers’ energy use with that of their neighbors of similar home size and demographics, employing the theory that people take action when they have similar comparative information about what others are doing. In the case of energy use, with the Home Energy Report, customers can view the past twelve months of their energy usage and compare and contrast their energy consumption and costs with others in the same neighborhood.

“This program is exciting news for our customers. The Home Energy Reports show customers where they stack up in terms of energy use in their community and shows the lifestyle changes they can make to reduce energy use and their carbon footprint,” said Tim Stout, vice president, Energy Efficiency, for National Grid. “Plus, this is a great tool customers can use to help them commit to and achieve a 3 percent annual energy reduction over 10 years as our new ‘3% Less’ campaign challenges them to do. Just imagine what we can achieve if we all take this kind of action.”

Beginning October 8, 2009, the monthly Home Energy Report will be sent to approximately 25,000 National Grid residential natural gas and 25,000 residential electric customers in Massachusetts. The Home Energy Report will highlight the last 12 months of customers’ gas or electricity usage.

According to Stout, the company believes an individual electricity customer could save approximately 260 kilowatt-hours annually simply through behavioral changes and by employing the energy-efficiency tips offered in the Home Energy Report. If all 25,000 customers receiving the Report made energy-efficiency improvements, collectively, customers could save approximately 6,500 megawatt-hours of electricity annually -- enough to power 560 homes for one year or remove about 400 cars from the road.

By comparison, an individual natural gas customer who implements energy-efficiency tips offered in the Report could save approximately 18 therms per year. If all 25,000 customers used the suggested tips, they could collectively save as much as 450,000 therms – equivalent to the amount of natural gas needed to provide heat and hot water for approximately 1,200 homes for one year.

National Grid is working with vendor OPOWER, formerly Positive Energy, to design, prepare and deliver the Home Energy Reports. OPOWER is an energy-efficiency software company that works with utilities to meet their efficiency goals through effective customer engagement. Using behavioral science and cutting-edge data analytics, the OPOWER platform enables utilities to connect with their customers in a highly targeted fashion, motivating reductions in energy use and increased program participation.

Home Energy Report participants also can access an online supplement to their reports by visiting the Energy Insider Web site at On the Web site, customers can view their energy usage by month, take advantage of rebates and other incentives, get practical recommendations for their household and view the most popular tips visitors to the site have done or intend to do.

National Grid is an international energy delivery company. In the U.S., National Grid delivers electricity to approximately 3.3 million customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island, and manages the electricity network on Long Island under an agreement with the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). It is the largest distributor of natural gas in the northeastern U.S., serving approximately 3.4 million customers in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island. National Grid also owns over 4,000 megawatts of contracted electricity generation that provides power to over one million LIPA customers.