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National Grid Launches New Refrigerator/Freezer Turn-In and Recycling Program
National Grid Launches New Refrigerator-Freezer Turn-In and Recycling Program

June 04,2009

National Grid today announced the start of its new Refrigerator/ Freezer Turn-In and Recycling Program with the dismantling and recycling of the program’s first refrigerator at 157 Grove Street, Franklin, Mass., the location of a new refrigerator/freezer recycling facility.

Under National Grid’s new program, customers can turn in their old, second refrigerators or freezers and receive a $30 incentive for allowing the appliance to be hauled away.

National Grid’s Refrigerator/Freezer Turn-In and Recycling Program not only helps customers remove and recycle old, inefficient second refrigerators and freezers, but also assists customers in saving energy and money on their monthly electric bills. As an incentive to dispose of the extra appliance, customers receive $30.

The National Grid program provides energy and cost-saving benefits and, encourages proper disposal of old refrigerators and freezers. National Grid’s program vendor, JACO Environmental, removes the appliances from participating customers’ homes at no charge. JACO then dismantles and disposes of the energy-guzzling appliance in an environmentally responsible-manner at its new recycling facility on Grove Street in Franklin. Approximately 95 percent of each unit will be recycled.

“Refrigerators and freezers manufactured before 1990 typically use three times more electricity than new appliances and can cost a typical household nearly $150 a year to run,” said Tim Stout, vice president, Energy Efficiency for National Grid. “The removal of an extra, inefficient refrigerator or freezer will save money for homeowners by eliminating an electricity waster. Our new program is an exciting way for our customers to save on their electricity bills while helping to protect the environment.”

Since 2001, federal standards require new refrigerators and freezers to consume less energy. Current models use about 450 kilowatt-hours (kWh) annually, compared to older units that use up to 1,500 kWh per year.

“There are many ways for people to reduce their impact on the environment. Recycling a refrigerator ranks near the top. It works for the planet, it works for your wallet and it works for conserving our precious resources,” said Michael Dunham, director of energy and environmental programs for JACO.

Schedule the pick up of a refrigerator or freezer for recycling, National Grid’s electricity customers in Rhode Island or Massachusetts can call 1-877-545-4113 or visit Customers will receive a check for $30 within four to six weeks after the collection of the appliance.

Both refrigerators and freezers are eligible for the recycling program. The program is limited to removal of two units per household. Appliances to be recycled must be in working order with an inside measurement of 10 cubic feet or more.

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